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      Copper wire drawing machine in the process of production should pay attention to what

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      Copper wire drawing machine in the production process of attention:
      Precise control of the deviation of the outer diameter of the product.
      Due to the continuous production of copper wire drawing equipment, the speed of the wire will gradually and annealing is not synchronized, which will make the wire drawing due to the speed of the traction when the slow and slow and irregular changes in the line.
      The causes of this phenomenon are the following:
      The 1 round of the line tension instability. Workshop use pressure areas may be large, the pressure will cause the wire drawing machine pump when small, it also makes a line tension is not constant, but because the take-up speed is constant, which makes drawing by force nor a constant value, which can be caused by single outside diameter deviation cannot be controlled accurately.
      2 copper wire annealing wheel quiver. This makes the copper wire annealing in the disengagement state, annealing current density when small, and the copper wire in high speed strength is relatively low, resulting in copper wire annealing wheel lighter, so that the copper surface of the spark and wire size is not uniform.
      3 due to the long-term use of the main motor gear box caused by wear. This can make the drawing capstan speed and traction speed and take-up speed does not match, thus forming a monofilament stretched.
      Solution: good lubrication of accumulator, avoid when running at high speed on line caused by the friction force and the reverse fine line; adjust the tension of the wire, the wire drawing schedule always close to the annealing wheel; ensure annealing wheel rims intact, avoid steel surface defects and make annealing the current is not stable. According to the actual situation of the re drawing machine with mold of wire drawing machine: to adjust the annealing wheel on the transmission shaft adjustable triangular belt wheel diameter according to the drawing principle, the annealing wheel speed / capstan speed = forward slip coefficient * capstan diameter / annealing wheel diameter, the wheel speed and the annealing wheel diameter is known, capstan and annealing wheel speed can be measured, which can obtain the forward slip coefficient, the slip coefficient of the wire drawing machine can be re equipped with mold, so the mold can meet the requirements.
      Two, pulled out of the filament surface drawing machine have different degrees of oxidation.
      The problem may have the following reasons:
      The 1 seal cooling water chamber in high temperature more than 40 DEG C, so that the sealing chamber of the monofilament is not required cooling effect, caused by single after annealing temperature is still high, high temperature when the oxygen in the air oxidation.
      Lack of saponification liquid content of 2 seal cooling liquid in the chamber, which will make the friction force and the wheel monofilament increases, and the temperature rise again caused by oxidation of filament, filament surface.
      3 seal water pressure and water cooling water in the chamber is not enough, so that the filament can not achieve a satisfactory cooling effect.
      Solution: always check the cooling water circulation device is in normal operation, the cooling effect is normal; it can enhance the concentration of saponification liquid substances in sealed septum for some time, it can change the content of saponification liquid cooling water to ensure the normal operation in single guide wheel; regularly check water pressure of the circulating water is normal. At the time of production continuously according to the change of water pressure to change the pressure and water into the cooling water in a sealed chamber.
      Three, wire drawing production often occurs frequently broken wire phenomenon.
      This situation is mainly caused by the following factors:
      1 drawing die in continuous production will be due to normal wear and tear of the wire drawing die size area.
      2 kinds of bar due to quality problems in the production process, rod, irregular appearance quality defects, which makes all kinds of monofilaments were unpredictable in drawing deformation in tension tensile. This occurs less in rod well.
      3 because of constant annealing current in the production of high current, suddenly, monofilament in the annealing process is broken or strong current fuse is mutated.
      Solution: according to the different selection of different rod die matching scheme, continuous exploration in production. For example, I plant in the production of copper rod production lead method, pull 2.53mm monofilament 8 wire drawing die, and the production of the same diameter monofilament, if the rolling rod, according to the requirements of more a bridge in die die; in pre production, production of copper rod to want to do full self, discover quality defects of copper rod, find the corresponding measures in a timely manner according to the different situation, or reduce the drawing speed, or will the defective production constantly removed. Whether the concept of annealing current observation the drawing of the normal, especially when just started, with particular attention to the change of annealing current, to adjust the annealing current according to the change of the size of the line speed, and then slowly increased with the annealing current line speed and change, to ensure the normal running of the equipment. I believe that as long as In the actual production of the focus on the control of the above, the quality of copper wire drawing products and production efficiency will be improved in varying degrees, in order to better and faster for the next process to provide a strong production guarantee.

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